DV Automation has developed a new robotic system for forming a variety of edge conditions on metal components used in a wide range of engineering applications.

RoboForm is specially designed to produce a number of options from a radius to angled flanges or flat hemmed safety edges. The flexible equipment can accommodate a number of component variants and different forms.

DVA says the system is not only cost-effective, but also low-maintenance as it comprises a standard industrial robot with a robust roller head construction and simple form rollers.

“RoboForm is also highly efficient, reliable and repeatable, making it ideal for a variety of metalworking applications. It is also future-proof as it’s easy to add new variants, component shapes or forms at a later date,” explained Mark Schlanker, DVA’s business manager.

In addition, the system’s robot can be utilised for a selection of additional tasks such as handling, gluing and welding processes, he added.

DVA, well-known for manufacturing hemming closure solutions for vehicle bodies, has developed the new system after producing a RoboForm system for an automotive Tier One component supplier in the USA.

Ogihara, based in Michigan, is using the RoboForm system to produce a curved flange to retain a rubber seal on the window frame of the rear door for Lincoln’s new MKT crossover SUV.

The launch of the new system coincides with DV Automation’s 20th anniversary. Established in the UK in 1989, DVA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Thompson Friction Welding and manufactures machines for major European and North American automotive OEMs and component makers around the world.