DV Automation is bucking the gloomy trend in the automotive industry in its 20th anniversary year with a crop of new orders for its hemming closure systems from car and component makers around the world.

The UK-based specialist manufacturer of hemming closure systems and solutions for vehicle bodies has supplied a new, table top electro-mechanical machine to Turkish integrator Kale Altinay for Fiat’s joint venture plant near Istanbul.

The DVA machine, which is being used at the Tofas factory in Bursa for hemming bonnets for the Doblo MPV, was chosen ahead of other competitor systems thanks to its accuracy and quality of finish.

“This application is challenging as it is difficult to accurately locate the inner and outer panel of the bonnet. However, the DVA table top hemming system, when compared to other processes such as roller hemming, not only successfully overcomes this tricky issue, but also delivers a superior finish,” explained Mark Schlanker, DVA’s business manager.

DVA has also secured new machine orders from BMW for hemming deck lids at one of its plants in Germany and from a Tier One component maker in Italy for producing Ferrari bonnet, fenders and engine covers.

The company has also launched Roboform, a new, cost-effective, low-maintenance robotic system for forming a variety of edge conditions on metal components. It has been specially developed by DVA to produce a number of options from a radius to angled flanges or flat hemmed safety edges.

The Roboform is not only suitable for automotive applications, but also a broad range of engineering purposes. American component supplier Ogihara is using the system at its plant in Michigan for producing a curved flange to retain a rubber seal on the window frame of the rear door for Lincoln’s new MKT crossover SUV.

More details on DV Automation hemming systems and solutions can be viewed online at www.dvautomation.co.uk. Alternatively, contact DVA on +44 (0) 121 585 3333 or email sales@dvautomation.co.uk.